Shelf Brackets 3 Pack deal for IKEA DETOLF Cabinet

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These are brackets of my own design for adding extra shelves to the IKEA DETOLF display case. This deal gets you enough brackets to add nine shelves.

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These are brackets of our design for adding extra shelves to the IKEA DETOLF display case.

These are the brackets only, it is easier for you to get the shelf's locally, glass ones should be about £10 each at a glazer, or you can cut up a sheet of 4mm Perspex from a DIY store.

The brackets are 3D printed in Grey plastic, the correct nuts and screws are included. I've spent a lot of time and dozens of versions to perfect this design, they are easy to install and provide a nice neat, flat bracket for shelves to sit on.

A few people have asked how much weight the brackets hold, so far I've tested them with 7kg, that should cover most models in your collection.

If like me you need a cabinet to display models and war game armies there is nothing cheaper than the IKEA DETOLF, but it only comes with three shelves, plus the bottom of the cabinet. You really need more shelves, I find the perfect balance is three more shelves that divide each shelf space in half and one shelf full height for big monsters and terrain. This kit includes 36 brackets with all the nuts and bolts you need, this is enough for six shelves. If you require a different number of brackets, message me and I'll work out something for you.

Nice review from one of my customers, "These are awesome! They are the perfect thing to add extra shelves! Well done."