Mega Paint Rack Set

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Seven part Paint Rack Set, for one super low price.

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This set contains;

2 corner shelf units and any 5 full height paint racks of your choice 

please choose between

GW style

Vallejo style

Half and Half, GW style, (holds normal GW pots and Contrast/Special paints)

Half and Half, GW and Vallejo style paints, 

Old Hammer Style, Holds Contrast/Special Paints and old style GW pots / Foundry style

Deep One, Holds large 60oz pots

Please include a note with your order, which five paint racks you want.


All the racks and shelves are 48cm in height

The Paint Racks and shelves are made from 3mm laser cut MDF, they require assembly, we suggest wood glue.

Paint pots and models are shown as example only and are not included.