Base converter 25mm to 32mm, Ten Pack

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Convert 25mm bases to 32mm bases, while the base is connected on a miniature !

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I designed these 3D printed converter rings to change a 25mm round base to a 32mm round base. These work on bases that are already glued to a miniature and are clipped on from below the base. I had a lot of models that would just fall over because they were originally supplied and meant to use 25mm bases, but really they fall over all the time. So if you have old Orks or any other model that would be better on a 32mm base, then these are perfect for you. The base converters also change the height of the base to the same as the GW 32mm bases.

After you clip the converter on, we suggest a drop of superglue for a permanent fix and add some filler for the gap between the base and converter. You just need to expand your usual basing technique to finish the base.

These come in packs of ten

All miniatures are shown for example and are not included