RuneQuest 28mm range stick Acrylic

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RuneQuest range stick allows you to measure properly scaled measurement for 28mm miniatures. Made from Acrylic plastic

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RuneQuest uses Meters for measurements of movement. If your using 28mm miniatures, it's not easy to translate this into a true measurement using a normal ruler. We have taken the formula used in the RQ supplement 'Monster Coliseum' and worked out the scale for 28mm miniatures, allowing us to create this ruler. The ruler has marks for up to 24 Meters, which is the furthest a human can move in a Melee Round, but would be easy to use for any other creature with different movement values. The rules also indicates the Strike Rank modifier per movement and the maximum distance for thrown weapons. Made from acrylic plastic.

Miniatures are shown for example and not uncluded

We hope you find it useful.