RuneQuest Strike Rank Tracker Shaman version

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This Strike Rank tracker is perfect to keep RuneQuest combat organised, includes enough counters for six players and the GM. We make this in a few versions, this is the Shaman version, made from laser cut 3mm MDF.

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The Strike Rank tracker is 400mm long and has twelve sections for players to place counters that mark when each character may take an action. There are six sets of counters for players and large seventh set for the GM.

At the start of the Melee round the strike rank marker is placed against number 1 any counters on that number denotes which player can take an action, when those have been resolved the marker is move up the track and the process repeats.

To help everyone around the table understand which counters are being used by which player, we have also included a large token with corresponding colour and rune, to make it clear, this can be placed in front of each player. 

Note, the different runes are only to differentiate between players, they don't have any other meaning, but I'm sure your players will have their favourite. 

This set contains;

1 Strike Rank Track

1 Strike Rank Marker

20 GM counters, red, ten pairs of different runes

6 Large player tokens

6 Death rune player counters

6 Fertility rune player counters

6 Harmony rune player counters

6 Disorder rune player counters

6 Man rune player counters

6 Movement rune player counters

If you think you might require extra sets for more than six players, let us know and we can sort something out for you.