Spiked Fighting Arena

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The spiked arena comes in 32 resin cast parts, perfect for any kind of death battle, fantasy, historic and sci-fi.

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Time for some blood on the sand, and the walls and pretty much everywhere, in this deadly spiked arena.

The model comes in 32 parts, and after building it can divide into four parts for storage, or glue the whole thing to a base

The model normally comes with two gates, but I'm happy to swap the spiked wall sections for gate sections, you can have one, two, three or four, just let me know, maybe you don't want the gates, that's good too, the fighters are just thrown in the pit?

The model is cast in high quality resin, super glue is the best option to put the model together, some clean up with a sharp blade might be necessary to remove mould lines and any flash, but usually this is minimal. Supplied unpainted and any miniatures shown are to show scale and show off the model.