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  • Large Crannog
    Large Crannog

    A Crannog is an artificial island, this one has a large pier and large...

    £ 26.00
  • Small Crannog
    Small Crannog

    A Crannog is an artificial island, this one has a small pier and round...

    £ 14.00
  • Large Round House
    Large Round House

    Large resin Round House

    £ 18.00
  • Small Round House
    Small Round House

    Resin model Round House

    £ 8.00
  • Thanatar Doom Seeker
    Thanatar Doom Seeker

    This imposing Broo, wields a huge two handed sword of jagged bronze. He...

    £ 4.50
  • Slack Jaw Broo
    Slack Jaw Broo

    'Slack Jaw' the Broo is a cousin of 'Snip Smak'

    £ 4.50

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    I love H.G. Well's 'The Time Machine' and the 1960's film, they have inspired me to make the Morlock Sphinx and now as a little homage, I've made the Vent cone that the Time Traveller uses to enter the Morlock subterranean world. It's just a little model, but I think it will be handy for lots of scenarios, needing an emergence hole or entrance to .

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    This design is inspired by the story 'At the Earths Core', by Edgar Rice Burroughs.A simple kit, but with great detail. Also excellent for Wargaming and RPG's.

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    The Cavorite Sphere, inspired by H.G. Wells story, 'The First Men in the Moon'. The whole model sits on a Moonscape base 135mm wide. Would make a great drop ship for Steampunk wargames and RPG's!

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    The Morlock Sphinx inspired by H.G. Well's The Time Machine. This is a multi part model in ten resin parts for the building and fourteen metal parts for the sirens. Designed for 28mm scale miniatures.

    £ 42.00
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items